Light & Dark

Adventure Log

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Here are this game’s Highlights!

The Battle for Hamshanks Begins! 8-7-3342 Janda decides to split, these bitches be evil yo! Veldrik TKO’s a were-shark. Zyi saves his Lady Patron Shana and gets a hardon for a Dragon. Lister devices ways to create a zombie Apocalypse and tunnel through the city walls. Dillan’s Witch and Valance join the party!

Escape from the Eagle Caves! 8-6-3342 Arrive in Hamshanks! Get and experiment with Fatty. Oops! Zyi’s muddled confusion creates mayhem, ending in the death of a young newly wed couple – Lies and Cover ups. Janda meet your new friends! Lister convinces Zyi to play on his side, and the plot thickens. Lister meets an old friend, and Veldrick joins the party! The party then plans to bring down the walls, and broughteth down they are! All the King’s horses and all the King’s men!

Escape from the Eagle Caves! 8-2-3342 The Eagles prepare to leave for Hamshanks. As the last eagles depart screaming is heard… Party to the Rescue! Poor Radar (…Ticker). Reinforcements, RUUUUN! Zyi refuses to leave without his beloved Radar’s Body (…Ticker). A stealth mission, and we are back en route to Hamshanks. Is that an army I see?

Meeting Hairy Beavers 8-1-3342 We meet with the hospitable Badger Tribe, then move on to the Eagle Tribe. Eagle Tribe tasks us to prove our Strength by battling a weaverworm, and then we battle again with our new friends at our side. Finally we negotiate a ride back to Hamshanks!

And Through the Woods! 7-30-3342 Lister Really hates camping, Fatty Ticker and Janda join the party, Lister Really hates camping, Fry can’t take care of his animals, Lister Really hates camping, an Onary tree sieges the group, and Lister Really hates camping (and is very hard to kill).

Into the Woods! 7-24-3342 Lions and Tigers and Gorilla-Bears Oh My! Several encounters of the Angry Kind, Meet Bob the Snake, Meet the Boar Tribe, Arlyn gets busy with some Giant Toads, Zyi is Eaten, Arlyn is Eaten, and a druid Reincarnates Zyi. Where did that skeleton come from, Lister?

Return to Hamshanks! 7-23-3342 We return to Hamshanks. Zarious and Sedric (!!!) meet us at the docks, Randal and Zyi go to the Constables, and Arlyn is Raised from the Dead! Zyi and Lister join the Opera House, and the party is given the task of delivering messages to Lycan Tribes.

The Roaring Sea 7-16-3342 Sharkmen come on board, an island Luau, Tricks and Bribery, and The Slippery Maiden is Born!

Arrive at Dalvon 7-14-3342 Arrive at our destination, spend some time in market, meet a lovely Opera Singer, and leave the burning city behind.

Pirate’s Secret Cave 7-13-3342 Track pirates to their secret lair of Traps. We also meet a hull eating ooze. Arlyn and Gruul have a bad day.

Pirates! 7-12-3342 A pirate boarding party in the dead of night!

Out to Sea! 7-9-3342 “The Old Nag” sets sail! The Kelpie is Hungry, Zyi gets attacked while flying, Turtle-Sharks swallow Grull.

Snail Hunt! 7-8-3342 The party makes a deal with the wererats to double cross the goblins and we go Snail Hunting! Poor Arlyn, this bitch is pissed!

Bad Party! 7-7-3342 An Execution, Hire “Able Bodies”, The Secret of Snails, and a charming Kelpie. Them Dixon Boys have done gone and gotten in a whole heap of Trouble with that Kelpie. Come on back next week and see if they can wiggle out of this one.

Busy Busy Day 7-6-3342 Party returns to the sewers to continue clearing for Goblins. Some rats attack, some rat people befriended, a deal is brokered. A little “Seaweed” hunting. Sedric is assassinated… Never a day of rest!

Sewers 7-5-3342 – Problem with Goblin Cleaning Crew, Into the Sewers!

Hamshanks 7-3-3342 – Recieve Payment and Look for Missing Children, Purchase Hippogrifs. Training complete 8/14/3342

To Hamshanks Again 6-26-3342 – Folks Hired, Back to Hamshanks

Travlin 6-21-3342 – Making New Friends and New Enemies in Travlin and Creating Contracts

To Travlin 6-14-3342 – Head to Travlin to Hire Help

Hamshanks 6-12-3342 – Arrive in Hamshanks. Feast and Given Job to find Help for Sewers

Escort 6-2-3342 – After Release given few coins to escort supplies to Hamshanks

Beginning 6-1-3342 – Party Begins as mining Prisoners in “The Pitt”


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