arylinn shadowdancer





Born on the wrong side of the wall, her village was sacked by soldiers of “Lichborn”. She was captured and sent off with the men….She was brutally treated. untill they let there guard down. She slaughtered them in the night. A Traveling ninja found her and brought her too there dojo. She trained for nearly 60 years, untill she was givin a assassanation she couldn’t do.

She tried too warn the target and faked being found, her master however, wasn’t fooled,killed the man, and banished her…telling her perhaps she should go after the “lichborn”

She then travels too hamshanks, and discovers that the ship she is on is smuggling slaves for the lichborn, enraged she attacks the captain, the crew manage too capture her and sell her too the pit.

She is starting too finally gain some perspective on the brutal world around her, will she fall into that darkness or walk the edge of the precipice.

Died during a battle with the pirates inside the skull cavern.

Resurrected several days later, although admited too her killing cedric serious granted her the boon of life, in return for services too the city…untill her debt has been payed.

now journeys with a were skunk named fryi, zyi, and lister, while trying too convince the lycan tribes..too unite against the coming tide.

arylinn shadowdancer

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