Ticker's Demon Vice

CR 8 Trap


Ticker’s Demon Vice CR 8
Type: MechanicalPerception: DC 15Disable Device: DC 20
Trigger: LocationReset: Manual

Effect: Atk + 20 melee (12d6 + 20); 6 serrated sharp jaws spring shut around the creature’s ankle and halve the creature’s base speed (or hold the creature immobile if the trap is attached to a solid object); the creature can escape with a DC 20 Disable Device check, DC 22 Escape Artist check, or a DC 26 Strength check

Leave it to a goblin to create this device. The Demon Vice functions as an advanced Bear Trap. A series of 10 3-inch coiled steel springs lay flat across the ground with a pressure trigger attached on each end. When triggered the outer lock bars are released and the springs pull 6 serrated sets of teeth closed, clamping down on the unfortunate victim. Though etched with leaf patterns and shadows to help disguise the device as debris, it is not difficult to notice should you be looking (DC 15). The outer lock bars have a Lock (not hidden) to disable the device for safe transportation.

Resetting the device requires 10 minute with a turn crank.

Base CR CR 1
Perception DC 15 CR -1
Disable Device DC 20 CR +0
Attack + 20 CR +2
Damage 12d6+20 (Average damage 62) CR +6

Cost: 8,000 Gold (2,667 Gold in Materials)

Ticker's Demon Vice

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