We arrive at the port city of Dalvon! We take the snails to market and sell them. Zyi finds out there is an Opera in town, and after purchasing some supplies attends.

There he notices a very unwelcome face. Alana, one of Archmage Korix’s many evil minions is in attendance. Shana is particularly moving in her performance, and is clearly the star of the Opera. Zyi attempts to remain unnoticed and follows the cast to a tavern after the show.

There he notices Alana speaking with Shana and Shana is clearly not enjoying what she is hearing. After Alana leaves Zyi befriends the cast and especially Shana. Using the supplies he bought in the market he makes his own performance (A 27 check) and those in attendance are impressed. He learns of an extension of the Opera House in Hamshanks and decides to visit as soon as they return.

Shana and Zyi speak and when she discovers he came on a ship she is very interested in leaving with him, this very night if possible. Zyi takes Shana to meet Captain Prince Steve and he she purchases her way onto the ship and with a little coin convinces him to leave this very night. She also hires two men to accompany her and be her body guards.

As “The Old Nag” sets sails a soft light in the city grows in intensity, until we realize the city is on fire. Captain Prince Steve gives the order to douse all lanterns and we sail under the cover of night. Along the railing Zyi and Shana’s bodyguards watch the city burn. It is actually rather beautiful in a haunting sort of way.


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