A trio of Sharkmen come on board and have a heated debate with Captain Prince Steve. This eventually becomes a brawl. 1 Sharkman killed, 1 captured, 1 escaped. Captain explains that the sharkmen and him had a bargain, but they wanted more.

Lester proves himself a capable interrogator. Unfortunately the sharkman is killed before Zyi gets information he wants about a Pirate he would really like to track down. The sharkman has Papers of Documentation on him that may be useful.

Randal picks his pocket, tho everyone notices.

We sail to Dodo island. Once the crew is on the island having a luau Zyi and his “new friends” go to have a “talk” with the cook. Unfortunately, the cook turns out to be more than he appears (including speaking common). Zyi plays off the attempted assassination and goes to speak with the captian. After some discussion we decide to bribe the Hobgoblin and it proves successful.

Zyi heads back to the island and entertains with a comedy, with Alana helping. Then invites half the crew back for a “private Party”. Stumpy2 tries to come but is told off instead by Zyi. During this Randal overhears what happened to Arlyn and takes her finger from Stumpy2. On board Captain and the first mate change the Mizzen Post and Ship name to “The Slippery Maiden”. We leave the rest of the crew behind on the island with the evil fire breathing rats.

Left behind are: Scagal, Abram, Heart, Barny (Stumpy2), and Earny
Back on Board are: Tilt Angler, Dan Murphy, Tatum Bilards, Parker Wilson, Noah Plankheart (Cabinboy)


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