Traveling along the road the party runs into Bob the Snake, an old friend of Zyi’s. He decides to accompany the party to enjoy the spoils of war (AKA MEAT).

Once in the woods the party runs into a Treant, who is quick the “warn” the party to keep their war out of his woods, and to only burn his fallen children.

That night while collecting wood Fry is attacked by a swarm of angry centipedes. After an amusing battle where Lister flexes his arcane might by zapping 3 of the 10,000 strong swarm we rest up.

The next day we run into a Dinosaur carcass. Before approaching Arlyn notices it is covered in a wasp swarm. We decide to leave when attacked by giant dragonflies. Zyi is carried off and takes a nasty fall. Immediately after defeating the dragonflies the wasp swarm finally decides to come and play. We hate bugs… especially those the size of horses. Lister is also making friends with our Hippogrifs. One is attacked by a dragon fly, to which Lister paralyses (nauseating the Hippogriff in the process) and then blows off its head, leaving the paralyzed head attached to the vomiting hippogriff. Poor guy.

After this adventure we finnally come across the Boar Tribe. Gruff and straight forward we quickly convince them to rejoin the council. That night we parlay with one of their leaders, a female were-boar who treats us with fruits, cheeses, and mulled honey. We crash and enjoy a peaceful nights sleep.

The next day while traveling we run into a Gorrila-Bear. It is a very quick battle. Arlyn sneaks up and with a swift round of sneak attacks leaves it in a pool of its own blood. Aftwards a sexy fox lady emerges and congratulates us on our battle. We speak a bit, really disturb her with horrible images of baby-mother raping saavages, and then move on towards the badger/eagle tribe.

Nearing the Badger Hills fry discovers some giant toads getting it on in the bushes. Him and Arlyn sneak in to join them and turn it into a disgusting foursome. A Hot Chic, Two 1 Ton Frogs, and a Were-Skunk enjoying any hole they can find truly disturbed Zyi and Lister. Arlyn is now very pregnant with dozens of giant toad eggs. Perhaps Fry also. They do get away with some of the sweet sweet sex froth (which is poisonous). Yum yum. (Robert: None of that happened…except the first and the last part. Joseph: You mean someone actually reads this? Bahahahaha! Wanted to see if anyone noticed.)

After Lister and Zyi get over the horror of what just happened the party continues on towards the mountains (Where the Badger and Eagle tribes keep company). We run into a caravan of travelers. Two men escorting a woman and some children. The men were very gruff, and seemed a bit shady in fry’s opinion. Zyi gets the sense they are up to no good and that the children and woman should probably not be with this man but it is none of his business. Lister offers the woman a ring which the man takes.

Finally we get to a River and Zyi is ecstatic! After taking a bath and praying to Deep Sachelas he begins to leave the water but an Allosarous spots him from up stream and ambushes him. He is dropped quickly. Immediately after the party converges on the beast and slays it (Tho Fry takes heavy damage). After the combat Lister discovers that Zyi is very very dead. Ouch. He begins making plans to raise Zyi’s skeleton into a little minion.

Soon after the party runs into a Druid, who offers to reincarnate their little friend. Zyi wakes the next morning in the body of a Gnome. While a bit shocking to loose his webbed phalanges, he does notice he is feeling much younger (Though slightly less nimble). Lister is very disappointed to loose his skeleton companion when Zyi sets his old body adrift for Deep Sachelas to take home.

As the party nears the mountain later that day they run into (or they run into them) a trio of Oozes. After a brief exchange in which Arlyn and Zyi are both engulfed by the monsters they smack down the two lesser oozes. The larger Ooze, however, keeps splitting and ends up being multiple baddies. Zyi recommends running away and killing it from a distance (as it is very slow) but the party is less than enthused with the idea. Arlyn is then killed by the beast (and partially dissolved by acid). So is Fry’s wasp. Everyone except Fry is infected with an unknown disease.

Perhaps Lister will get his skeletal companion after all!


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