The goblins tell us one of their number has gone missing and they can still hear his screaming deep below. They are also encountering fire breathing rats and rat people. Refusing to work until things are settled in the sewers the party heads down.

Deep into the tunnels the party works their way past two traps that Arlyn disables and finds the screaming goblinoid – a Buggbear we name Stubby b.c his legs and most his fingers have been eaten. Shortly after we are ambushed by an Adherer.Arlyn loses all of her weapons to its sticky hide and Grull gets his face stuck when he bites it. Tho a close fight we succeed. Carrying Stubby out of the sewers we hear a small girl calling for help.

We head in her direction and Grull jumps into the water to save her. Of course she is no girl at all but a Kelpie who charms men into drowning. Charmed, Grull follows her into the murky water. Arlyn and Zyi jump in hoping to save him but they cannot see a thing and he is gone. All seems lost until Zyi’sPsicrystal Pebbles perks up sending an image of his last location with its telepathic sight. Zyi and then later Arlyn climb out of the water and rush down the canal and jump in ahead of them (just missing the reach of a plant like creature shambling for us). Zyi uses all of his remaining power swarming the water with constructs to search for the fey. They discover her and beat her down until she swims away. The party returns to Stubby who is very upset to be left alone in the dark while we chased down our friend.

On the way out of the sewer a pack of rats watch us warily from the other side of the sewer canal. We quickly make our exit (most of us out of resources) where we try and turn over Stubby to the goblins. They don’t want him anymore (apparently expecting us to kill him), so Grull the rest of the party drop him off at a local temple for heals, tho they plan to turn him out after a few days. A regeneration spell is beyond their ability and Stubby’s personality is rather abrassive.

That night while sleeping Grull is summoned telepathically by the Kelpie to the docks. Leaving us a note he takes off. A strange telepathic voice wakes up Arlyn and Zyi, which turns out to be Xorn – an intellegent hammer looted from the adherer in the sewers. He promises to help save Grull in exchange for a life (unspecified for both who and when). Zyi doesn’t much care for Grull yet (not enough to go into combat without any power points) but Arlyn is keen to help their new friend. Xorn offers Zyi power instead, and they move on to the docks. There Grull is being dragged away by the Kelpie, but Arlyn throws out a net and catches her just in time. Working together Arlyn and Zyi pull Grull and the Kelpie to the side of the docks. A fight begins (mostly a lot of grappling and Grull being very confused at what to do), and eventually Zyi gets fed up. He throws Xorn into the water and walks away, Arlyn jumps in and begins trying to stab the Kelpie while Grull grapples him. Finally both Grull and Arlyn agree to let the Kelpie go free, cut the ropes, and follow Zyi back to the Inn for a night of rest.


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