After a much exhausting day in the water the party is well rested and ready to go. After returning to the docks to retrieve Xorn they once again head down into the sewers to continue clearing the way for the goblin cleaning crew. They begin by finishing exploration of the north western quadrant and clear the few remaining traps and ensure no further surprises await.

After clearing the traps, the party heads to the south western quadrant. They are immediately greeted by a rat who keeps pace with the party ~ 30 feet ahead of them. Arlyn feeds the booger a bit but he is not inclined to come say hello. Eventually the party runs into a group of about 15 rats. Deciding to err on the side of caution the cross to the opposite side of the canal and carry on. Grull rounds a corner and takes a face full of fire breath from a rat. The party quickly kills the rat and then explores down the path. They are ambushed by 4 more rats. It is an ugly fight but the party emerges without anyone falling. Using a few charges of the Wand of Cure light the party heals up and continues on.

Eventually they party runs into a were-rat. He does not offer his name so we call him Steve. Steve informs us that the fire breathing rats enjoy eating “smart meat”, or intelligent humanoids. We warn him that the goblin cleaning crew will be through here shortly, and that if the rats do not behave they will most likely be destroyed. Steve agrees to help keep the rats docile for a small bribe and an agreement to help find a crew for a ship. We pay the man, and then offer to help clear the “plant thing” from the sewer canal. Zyi is not happy at all to return to the waters.

The party heads to the market to purchase a pig to bait the creatures. However they find a Mule at a good price. Zyi gets the Mule into the sewers via Handle Animal, and after trying a rope to it Grull shoves it into the water. He then begins dragging it along the canal. Eventually the plant-like monster grabs the mule and the fight begins. Grull and Arlyn attempt to haul the Mule out with the monster attached while Zyi summons a mass of Astral Constructs. The Murky water again is a huge hinderance to the Party but the constructs eventually beat down both the plants.

Dragging the now dead mule, and one plant creature carcass the party returns to Steve, who agree’s to leave the goblins alone. In order to accomplish this he needs the party to find him some sailors so they can take their ship “The Old Hag” out to sea while the goblins are cleaning. However Zyi see’s past this. What they really want is a food source while they are out at sea. He, however, is OK with this… Though he hides this knowledge from the party.

The party returns to their favorite watering hole were Arlyn and Zyi (With Xorns help) plans Sedrics murder while getting him drunk. After purchasing him a Keg the party heads to Sedrics. The plan is to plant evidence on him (the soul stones used to create the children), accuse him of aiding the Witch Adal, and knock him out so that we can “prove” to Grull (who is a good person) that he is evil before killing him. However, Arlyn jumps the gun and stabs him in the back out in the street while Zyi and Grull are talking to him. They quickly drag him inside explaining rapidly to Grull that he was evil and in cahoots with the Witch Adal. He is not completely convinced. Finally Xorn steps in and backs up the story… Grull is not 100% but mollified for the moment. The party cleans up best they can, and then using a Potion of Disguise Arlyn pretends to be Sedric, heads to the docks, and jumps in while being witnessed, evidently committing suicide. A few hours later she swims back out and heads back to the Tavern…

Holy Cow! Talk about an exhausting day.


Light & Dark Lynx189