The party wakes to the city constable knocking. At first he asks about Sedrics disappearance, but really is inviting them to Witch Adals execution. Everyone at the execution wonders where Sedric is, “including the party”. Before she is drawn and quartered she announces a great evil coming for us all. We are all doooooooooomed! She also screams something about being Licheborn before being torn to peices. Aryln asks the Mayor and constable if they know anything about the Licheborn to little effect. Zyi asks Mayor about the rat people in the sewer, and if the city can help cover the costs of their expedition to help the city. Zyi calls him “Prince Steve”. The Mayor seems to know as must about the rat people as he did the Licheborn, nothing. Grull wonders why the party is be so friendly and forth coming with the “evil” Mayor.

The party goes about hiring down on their luck sailors, bums, and pretty much anyone who wont be missed to go on the expedition. Returning to the sewers Prince Steve is not happy to be now known to the Mayor. Oops, it is what it is. He reveals himself as Captain Mike, but Zyi isn’t interested in learning a new name if he didnt want to give it in the first places, and begins calling him Captain Prince Steve. Captain Prince Steve does not like this. The plans for the expedition are settled.

On the way out of the sewers Zyi gets the idea that the goblins are up to something. Sharing this with the party, they wait till nightfall and head to the goblin camp. There, Arlyn sneaks inside to the command tent and reads a journal. She discovers they are trying to harvest “Snails” from the sewers for gold.

That night the Kelpie summons Grull again and the party goes along to try and stop her. Another fight ensues, but this time Zyi is charmed as well. Arlyn once again scares her off and the party heads back to the Tavern for the night.

Them Dixon Boys have done gone and gotten in a whole heap of Trouble with that Kelpie. Come on back next week and see if they can wiggle out of this one.


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