We are treated to a wonderful dinner with the Badger Folks. A succulent horned Goat is server with mushrooms and tubers which is paired well with a honeyed mead (Ok yea I made that up, but it was in my head). Bob is roused from Zyi’s backpack by the feast which causes quiet the stir. The badgers, and especially the wolverine, are not happy to meet Bob. After some convincing Bob is accepted (begrudgingly) and is given the hooves of the large goat to chew on. In order to lighten the mood both Lister and Zyi sing a song for their new friends, a very rousing and strangely beautiful drinking song. It is a smashing success (28 Perform Check, including negative level penalty).

With moderate ease the Badgers agree to join Blark’s council again. The party thanks the badgers for the hospitality and is given directions for finding and befriending the Eagle Tribe. The party is told that the Eagles will not be an easy sell, but the Panthers will be even more difficult. Eager to depart the Badgers leave the party in the caves where the group rests for the evening.

The following morning the Party uses ropes, pistons, and flying Hippogriffs to scale the mountain side. Sadly Fatty is left at the base of the mountain. Upon reaching a tunnel opening the party is greeted by Were-eagles at spear point. Rambling on in his typical nervous chatter Zyi and the group are escorted into a chamber deep in the cavernous complex. Accompanying them is a Giant Eagle which Zyi attempts to speak with. The creature is surprised Zyi is aware of its sentience (Janda successfully Identified and detailed over the Collective). Once in the caverns main chamber the party is tasked with proving their worth by clearing out a section of the lower caverns where a creature has recently taken residence.

After being dropped back off at the base of the mountains the party heads down into the dark depths. They stumble upon thick webbing, skeletons, and a poor trapped owl. Some small loot is found:

  • MW Short sword
  • Token of the Fan
  • 6 Javelins with Tanglefoot Bags attached (Exotic)

Then Lister and Fry suddenly become transfixed by a sound deep in the cave. They make a bee line directly down the tunnels ignoring the questions of their fellow party members. Realizing they are fascinated Zyi punches Lister in his soft man fruits while Janda rouses Fry. After a bit of confusion the party rounds a corner. There the party is attacked by the creature singing out to the group, a weaverworm who lashes onto Janda and drags her towards his open maw.

During the fight Janda is clawed several times, the creatures talons breaking off in her flesh. The creatures venom petrifies poor Janda. Zyi, Lister, and Fry attack the beast while Ticker begins removing the claws from Janda. After the beast is slain Ticker is able to harvest 4 of its claws with venom glands still intact (31 Survival Check).

  • 4 Weaverworm Talons (DC 19 Fort)

Further into the cavern we run into the Eagle Tribe who are shocked to see we have been successful… We are even more shocked to see that they are shocked by such a simple task (In or opinions – boy we have grown). We begin walking towards an aerial exit discussing their joining of the council when a were-jay comes flapping towards the group screaming an alarm.

After agreeing to Blark’s terms the Eagle Tribe offers to give us a ride directly back to Hamshanks. The group discusses among themselves, and although split, finally agree to go back to Hamshanks. Their Giant Owl friend from the combat before (Hal the Owl) provides his services as a mount for Janda, while the Giant Eagle the group met earlier carries Lister. Ticker, Fry, and Zyi travel on the Hippogriffs.

The group (eagle tribe company included) are attacked by a band of Were-bats. The party jumps into action defending the guards as best they can. Unfortunately the small opening makes combat with a group this size problematic. Several members of the fray are unable to directly contribute. But none-the-less we prevail without any casualties!


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