After battling the were-bat scouting party the part begins making preparations to leave. It is expected to take a day and a half to reach Hamshanks. Zyi barters with an avian Oracle. In exchange for a future service he receives a free restoration. Janda tries to find someone with whom he can swap spell knowledge but is unsuccessful.

Zyi and Janda strike up a conversation with the Were-jay but it is short lived. This bird if obviously very skittish (and apparently the last of his kind). He is excited, however, to learn the were-rats still exist.

The party waits until the last wave to help keep the Eagle Tribe safe. And as it is leaving, screaming is heard deeper in the cave complex. Whats this? Someone is screaming for their life you say? Why lets go investigate of course!

A Pair of Owl folks are defending an Owl Lady who are attacked by several were-tigers. The party jumps into action, taking down 3 of the were-tigers and allowing the woman and one of her owl guards to escape with their lives. The other guard gives his life for her.

Just as the party is mopping up the battle another (larger) wave appears! Radar (Ticker), who had advanced to the front line as the battle was concluding, is quickly pounced and killed by the were-wolves and supporting were-tiger. Out of resources and outnumbered the party regretfully retreats. Nooooooooo! Zyi’s one friend in this world is reunited with him for all of 12 hours!

Per sued doggedly (pun intended, huk huk) the party fights for every inch of ground until the reach the exit to the caves. Jumping atop their avian friends the party makes their escape. Zyi, however, is not ready to leave his dead friend behind. Bargaining with the Owls whom they helped escape, Zyi enlists their help as well as Hal the Owl’s and a Giant Eagle.

This small group turns back around and approaches the camp of the Biclops, Hank and Dan. After an amusing negotiation in which Janda bribes him with gems from her Robe of Useful Things the party settles down for a dinner with their new friend. Lister and Zyi sing a soothing lullaby for the party and its host, the Biclops Goat herder. The party sleeps out the night, recovering lost resources required for the stealth missions planned in the morning. Hank and Dan are very surprised to find Lister and Zyi awake before him. Apparently he doesn’t sleep much…. They sleep even less it seems.

At Dawn the party packs up, says their goodbyes, and warns Hank and Dan of the war that may or may not spill into his neck of the woods (huk huk).

Flying up to the small tunnel the Owls originally escaped from the party quietly makes its way inside (squeezing for the medium sized folks). The party manages to Stealth up on a giant spider in its own webbing (impressive, we know) and take it out without making any noise.

When reaching the cavern that Radar (Its Ticker damn you! No respect, not even in death) died in Fry points out the hundreds of wolf and tiger tracks. Nothing remains of Ticker and the Owl other than bloody soil. Zyi scoops up as much of it as possible, but apparently the wolves made such a mess he is unable to tell who’s is who’s. Obviously unable to track and kill such a larger number of enemies Zyi reluctantly agree’s to leave, hoping the remains he has will be enough to return his one and only friend. Thats right! You other fuckers are Assets! The world’s made him a cold-hearted bitch without his family!

The party exits the caverns the way they came without incident and begins their way back to Hamshanks. Along the way Zyi stops by the river bend he died at to pay his respects to Deep Sachelas. He also summons an army of constructs before entering the water for prayer this time. This bears unexpected fruit… Barracuda and Python for dinner!

While having dinner the party has a very amusing conversation with Bob. Zyi claims he’d rather have friends who will stab him in the face than enemies who will stab him in the back. Bob promises Zyi he would happily stab him in the face … What fast friends we are becoming!

As the party nears Hamshanks they are able to see an encroaching army, only half a day away from its walls…


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