The party has never seen Lister so happy! Streets, Lamps, Plumping, and real god damn beds! Rushing to the Eagles Claw he grabs a room from our old friend Otto, the Giant Innkeeper. And by our old friend I mean Zyi’s old friend. Our psychic PC sure can’t seem to hold onto friends very long.

But not so fast my avid readers. Expecting the party to finally get some R&R? There is no rest for the wicked! Minutes after arriving in their new humble (and I do mean Humble) abode, the party decides to experiment with Fatty, who apparently is capable of ignoring commands from his creator, Lister. Using Mindlink Zyi combines Fatty, Himself, and Lister into a telepathic grouping. Oh the agony! Horrible images flash before their lives and their will is quickly shattered.

Lister, clearly confused, attempts to zap Janda with a Ghoul Touch. Janda evades, and whips out her Scimitar confused as to why Lister would attack her (not privy to the Mindlink). Even worse at the same time Zyi stumbles into the hallway in a confused fugue state. He glances around as if trying to decide where he is, then lashes out without provocation! A poor young newly wed couple walking down the hallway are stuck down by his energy stun! And Zyi wakes from his confusion… Uh oh.

The party quickly jumps into action. Lister and Zyi immediately grab both bodies and pull them into their room. Lister determines that the boy is still alive, then nonchalantly pokes him with the “bleed” cantrip. Janda is in utter shock! Not only has his friends just attacked him, but they just murdered two young lovers. And even more maddening, they immediately have begun to cover their tracks without a moments hesitation… They act as if they are going about their day-to-day normal business. (huk huk)

Zyi asks Lister to not kill the boy. After discussing their options they decide there is no way to earn the boys silence without his “disappearance”. Lister resumes his cantrip poking. Finally Janda comes out of her shock. Outraged, she demands to know whats going on. Lister and Zyi calmly explain the circumstances of the Mindlink, the confusion, and the unfortunate wrong-place-wrong-time couple. They also remind her that no one is at fault, it is just dumb bad luck, and unfortunately she is an accomplice.

Voices drift from the hallway. Lister steps outside to try and “defuse” things. Zyi wakes up Bob and shows him the “Feast” they have prepared for him. Janda still has no idea what to think. In the hallway Lister tries to explain the “scorch marks” on the floor and walls and discourage the passerbys from getting the town guards. Janda finally decides to take action. Stepping into the hallway she declares there has been an attack! Lister Face-Palms.

Quickly changing the direction of his story Lister apologizes to the people for the disturbance and tells them of Janda’s “condition”. Although rare, she has these fits where she is unable to control her magic. However it is all over with and there is no danger to anyone. One of the patrons leaves to get Otto.

Zyi asks Lister to distract everyone (over the mindlink) while he “sneaks” into the hallway. Using a wand of Disguise he pretends to be the (now dead) Husband and slips into the confusion. Otto arrives and demands to know what is happening. Zyi steps forward and pretending to be a very angry newly wed complains about the commotion. He demands Otto disperse the crowd as the danger is clearly over with and allow him to return to his honeymoon.

Janda, stepping into the lie, apologizes and offers to pay for the damages plus a little extra for the trouble. Proffering one of her gems from the Robe of Useful Things Otto examines it but has no idea of its worth. Janda offers an additional 10 gold for the trouble of appraising the gem. Zyi (As the newly wed) offers to appraise it for him, but Otto scoffs at the idea of accepting the word of a stranger. Insistent, Zyi demands he look at the gem. When given the gem, Zyi pretends to examine it, then offers 100 gold to Otto and pockets the gem. Otto swipes the additional 10 gold from Janda as well and tells everyone to return to their rooms and tavern.

Otto apologizes to the “newly wed” and insists he return to his room. Not knowing which room belongs to the couple, Zyi instead claims he might as well use this opportunity to retrieve a pitcher of water… He is feeling dehydrated (wink wink nudge nudge). Walking around the corner towards the Tavern below he notices that Otto does not follow. Instead Otto heads to the room at the end of the hallway and knocks. Presuming it to be the room of the newly weds (or more specifically presuming that the omnipotent DM is meta-gaming) Zyi cancels his disguise spell and returns to the hallway, greeting Otto loudly and with delight.

Otto, not recognizing Zyi, wants to know who the hell he is. Realizing his mistake, Zyi quickly details the events of his “camping” and as as to why he is now in the possession of a new gnome body. Otto asks to the health of his friends Gruul and Arlyn, to which Zyi replies that Arlyn has lost some weight.

In an attempt to distract the Inn Keeper Zyi mentions the army outside its walls. Otto, shocked, asks if he has told anyone. Zyi explains that he has just arrived in town and was about too but does not know where to go. Otto agree’s to take him directly to the Mayor.

En route to the Mayor Zyi and Lister have a telepathic conversation over the mindlink. Lister reveals his allegiance to the army outside, and promises that they would have the resources and knowledge Zyi needs to kill Korix and free his sister. Zyi agree’s to mislead the town folks as to the direction of the army in exchange for Lister’s help. On arriving at the wall, however, Fry is in attendance and has clearly given all details of the army already. Zyi confirms Fry’s report.

Upset at missing his chance to get help freeing his sister, Zyi returns to the tavern. There he finds that Lister is out. Zyi waits for his return and begins forming a plan to get the help he so desperately wants.

The following information is inaccurate and incomplete – I was distracted and did not make any notes. I encourage those involved to check for accuracy and edit/add as needed.

In the mean time Lister is contacted via his magic mirror by the forces outside the walls. They are upset with his handling of the situation so far, a great deal of the angst due to his inability to control Randal who gave up many secrets. Lister, a wry and charming one, talks himself back into their good graces and ensures that he will be able to weaken the town’s defenses. He devices a plan to raise an army of dead to wreak havoc, but is lacking the material spell components. He is told to meet Veldrick, an old friend of his, at the docks who will provide the needed reagents.

Lister disguises himself and ventures out into the dusk lit streets. On arriving at the docks he spends some time hiding until he notices an imposing figure. Difficult to miss, Lister approaches his comrade Veldrick and the two exchange greetings. They talk of the plan to take the town and return to the tavern.

Lister introduces Veldrick to the party. Afterwards Zyi, in an attempt to ensure Lister keeps his side of the bargain, explains his plans to bring down the wall of Hamshanks. Janda is very upset with the idea of an innocent town under siege, and even more so of us helping the invading force. Lister and Zyi convince him that the forces outside are too strong to be defeated. It is better to be on the side of the victor and walk away breathing. They also claim that if a prolonged siege occurs not only will the death toll be higher, but the first to die of hunger will be the young and the old. Surely this army is only interesting in taking control of the town, not decimating it!

Ok, the rest should be more accurate.

Convinced but not happy Janda joins the rest of the party and they head to the sewers to meet with the Goblins. Stopped by guards, Zyi explains that he wants to explore the idea of using the sewers as a “bomb shelter” for the women and children of the town while it is under siege. The guard does not think this is a good idea, but Zyi insists on seeing the Mayor Blark. Due to Zyi’s many services to the town Blark gives Zyi and his companions access to the sewers, and “provides” them with a guard for escort. The party heads into the sewers and meets with the goblin foreman.

Inviting the Foreman into Tok’s collective, the party hosts two simultaneous conversations. The first is out loud, discussing the logistics of housing the woman and children for the benefit of the town guard with them. The second (the “real conversation”) is held telepathically over Tok’s collective network. Lister, Zyi, and Veldrick bargain with the goblin. In exchange for planting explosives under the town walls and bringing down the town’s defenses the goblins will be paid with both gold and their lives. In addition, when this army approaches Travelin, the goblins home city, they will be afforded special privileges in regard to territory they may make claim too and special treatment. The goblin accepts the terms and the party leaves.

Lister then dips into an alley way with Veldrick and uses the mirror to apprise his superiors to the situation. They demand the wall be brought down tonight, rather than later. Lister assures them he will make it happen. Returning to the group Lister insists it be done tonight. The party returns to the sewers to make the same demand of the goblins, who after much hesitation, agrees as long as the goblins are given more territory in other conquered cities.

The party exits the sewers and gathers their things. Then they take to the skies. Lister, Tok, and Zyi ride the Hippogriffs (who are now old enough to support Lister’s size and weight) while Janda and Veldrick use their own methods of flight.

The army charges the walls, but are unable to make any headway against the towns fortifications. And then BOOOOOOOM! The explosion echo’s through the night and the walls collapse, along with a fair portion of the town. Not to miss out on any glory Veldrick charges a still standing section of the wall and engages with a were-bear and his were-boar companions. Lister attempts to join him but the Hippogriff he is riding is not fully trained yet. Tok aids the group with some supportive magic, but with Veldrick’s massive defenses it is mostly unnecessary. Zyi contributes a construct and some energy stun. Janda also joins the fray, perhaps feeling committed to the actions he has taken part in.

It is a swift and small victory for the party on the wall, while the rest of the city turns to chaos.

Janda deals with the situation, as best she can…at first she though zyi, and lister worthy friends but as she saw the declining facades of comraderie and also the plight of hamshanks she has her doubts ..she decides too try and save as many as she can ..dissapearing at her first opportunity…(vanish, mirror image etx her way out…enter..Valence…..(jandas copy but evil twin…since well robert and I agreed janda would have no part in this) enter Valance Nightshade….


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