After the fight is over Janda cries out in disgust, shoots Lister a testicle wrenching look, and vanishes from sight. The party, however, is distracted by the scene’s of mayhem, now visible in the settling dust.

The party pauses for a breather and takes in the view. Humanoids are falling from the sky! Obviously something above is transforming they lycanthropes back to human form. A trail of goblins are leaving the city through a secret tunnel from the sewers… Always trust a goblin to build a secret tunnel (sneaky bastards). The non-combative towns folks are fleeing to the Docks, and it is very crowded. The warship in the harbor is raining death down on the army remaining outside the city, and a contingent of guards has formed a defense protecting the gaping hole in the city’s walls. Despite the walls being brought down, the city is perhaps not entirely doomed.

Zyi is somewhat overwhelmed by the state of it all. Although clearly within his heart to sacrifice thousands of faceless people if it brings him closer to his sister’s rescue and his revenge on Korix, it is entirely different to see his work first hand. Suddenly he realizes that all those people are not faceless… Shana!

Zyi insists the group travel to the Opera house. Veldrik has no earthly idea why anyone would want to go to an Opera House int he middle of a full on siege, but acquiesces regardless. There the group discovers that the Kintaro Opera House has collapsed into the group, clearly residing directly over one of the sewer tunnels. Filled with guilt, Zyi begins digging, and with the party’s help they are able to recover Shana and two of her companions. Zyi heals her wounds and broken arm, and escorts her to the city’s docks.

There it is discovered that were-sharks are attacking the city from behind (and apparently even fighting among themselves). The group quickly selects a ship already out to sea and flies directly aboard. Two were-sharks are making trouble for the crew. Zyi somehow manages to scare off one of the creatures (who is nearly 20 times his size) but takes a massive trident to the gut from the other. Veldrik steps in and taps the creature on the head, who flops over unconscious… 1 leg twitching slightly (92 subdual damage). The captain thanks the party and promises to provide protection and travel for Shana to Laud. Glad to know his lady patron is safe, Zyi and the crew head back to the city to see what they can do to help.

Returning to the docks they notice that their previous assessment that the were-sharks were fighting themselves was incorrect. Were-Dolphins are defending the docks from the were-sharks! In addition, a massive blue dragon is providing backup… And by backup we mean he is an instrument of ultimate destruction. Zyi decides this is a sign from Deep Sachelas, and this avatar is perhaps her way of guiding him. While Zyi approaches the Dragon in reverence, the rest of the party flee from its fearful presence.

With the docks successfully defended, the Dragon (Named Falcor) flies off to defend the hole in the city wall. Zyi follows (YEAAAAAAAAAAA! * FIST PUMP *), leaving the other fearful party members behind. The party decides to inspect the goblin tunnel.

Flying to the outer walls the party is unable to find the secret tunnels he goblins used in their escape of the city. However, they do notice a lone figure atop the walls. Investigating, the party finds a man named Valance. Knowing its never wise to turn down another sword in times of war, the party accepts Valance’s company.

Well, if there isn’t battle to be made, then perhaps there is some money involved? The party heads to Sedric’s shop but find it, like the Opera House, in ruins. They collect a few small trinkets (2 wands of prestidigitation and 1 wand of cure light – 25 charges each). Lister then insists they visit the local Jeweler… His trinkets have been running a bit low lately. Collecting 800g in jewelry (but sadly no obsidian) the party decides that perhaps the best method of causing trouble would be to release the contents of the city’s prison.

On the way Lister raises a dozen Zombies and sets them loose on the city. Once arriving at the Prison, however, everyone finds the place to be reasonably well guarded (and the group low on resources). With Zyi off galavanting around with his Dragon Companion, the group decides to find another way to let the army in. The plans begin to form on how to burrow a tunnel through the city walls.

Veldrik assures the group he is quiet capable of punching his way through the wall, but can’t manage to do so quietly. Lister and Valance can use acid splash, but it will be far more slow going. Deciding to get some advice Lister uses his mirror to contact command oustide the city. He informs them of the ongoing chaos inside the city, the Zombies, the Docks, the Dragon, and the were-sharks and Dolphins. He also mentions his plans to burrow through the walls. They are asked to come to the command tent immediately…

This is were I had to go home and sleep like the old man I am. Feel free to edit and let us know what happened in that last hour! Here is Stevens notes followed by my notes:

janda left the party disgusted by there twisted goals and was replaced by valence, zyi is infatuated with a dragon, shawna has been safely placed onto a ship headed for x…while the party tries too figure out the best way too bring hamshanks too its knees.

vyi is now a part of the group, sending his fairy too find lister who has devised a plan too open the wall , using a cantrip acid splash, (52min= 5 foot hole through the 30’ wall)

the party needs too meet back up…and decide on courses of action…

a. capture a small part of the wall so we can do the acid splash (val could help shorten time or increase breach)

b vyi slowly ddoors them in 2 at a time….

c. lister charms the guards along the wall into thinking were creating a breach in the wall too flank the army….(wait this could be a great option)

After fight head to opera house Dig out shana and heal her
Fly to docks, and then out to a ship leaving port
Scare off a wereshark and veldrik knocks another very unconsious
Captian and shana very grateful
Head to wall to find seceret goblin tunnel
Cant find it but do find new player
Head to sedrics shop, little found (wand prest, wand prest, wand cure, all 25 charges)
Head to jewlry shop
Head to Prison to free peeps

Note: Acid splash averages 1.5 damage, piercing Hardness. The wall has 5400 HP (15HP per inch, 30 feet wide – or 360 inches. 360 * 15 = 5400 HP). 1.5 per round = 15 damage per minute = 900 dmg per hour = 5400 dmg in 6 hours.


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