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The world of light and dark is possibly the first world. It was created in the battle between the first two gods when a drop of blood from each god came together. Since that climatic encounter the essence of the two gods has manifested themselves into two portals spewing forth creatures that represent the gods themselves and their creations.

Because every creature in this world is so closely related to the two originals everyone is more powerful than most settings. Even the humble farmer may turn out to be a 6th lv monk, or the fragile old lady a 10th lv wizard. There are no weak peasants, but this just makes the monsters most terrifying and harder to spot. Within this world of epic monsters and heroes the struggle of good and evil is even going. Will you shift the tides?

The Building of The Wall was one of the first truly neutral events of the world. Built out of anger, hatred, caring, love, and genuine disgust The Wall was the first true act of neutrality.

The War of the Fallen Wall also known as the first Breaking of the Peace, when a faction known as Lichborn arose from the Darkside and almost destroyed the world. Through fortune, circumstance, and betrayal the Lichborn failed.

The Eldridge city was founded by the Paladin Alan Parks and the necromancer Amanda Seamless. Both heroes of the war of the fallen wall they helped usher in a golden age that lasted until Parks death.

The Ripping, with Alan Parks Dead Amanda Seamless Was Said to Have Lost Her Mind. Tearing apart her own city she started the Line. With her undead armies she claimed over a quarter of the world for her own. To date she is the strongest known force in the world.

The making of the Hole and the creation of the Soul Orb. A young alchemist by the name of Tobias Myarc, in a act of ambition, brilliance, and tragedy puts a hole through the world while creating one of the most powerful forms of energy ever known. If only his family had truly died in the accident.

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Warning! The following contains graphic adult images

While I am ever gratful that Joey is kind enough to keep this up to date I do feel the need to say I’m Sorry. I do not approve of or have any prior knowledge of any of the horrible things you may see!!

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