Booze, Hippies, and d20s… Sounds like a great Friday Night!

Random Factoid!
In game, 1 pound of gold costs 50 gold coins

In real life, one troy ounce of gold is worth $1610.00, with 1 american pound containing 14.583 troy ounces. This means a pound of gold is worth 23,478.63 US dollars.

Whats this mean? Well nothing really, comparing real life to DND is an exercise in futility. But if we pretend this information is meaningful then 1 DND gold coin would be worth 469.57 US Dollars! A copper piece is almost a 5 dollar bill.

The gang goes camping!

Fry: Hey guys! Want to come camping with me and meet my friends?
Lister: I suppose some fresh air wouldn’t be so terrible for my complexion.
Zyi: Oh Boy Oh Boy! Adventure and New Friends!
Arlyn: Why not… I mean what possibly could go wrong?
5 days later
Lister: Goodness I do despise camping. I mean really? Mud, Monsters, and Madness?! Why does anyone camp?
Zyi: Stupid short Gnome sausage fingers. Ticker! Will you tie my shoes again? Oh wait…
Arlyn: Rattle Rattle Rattle
Fry: ATTACK! (Fires his rifle loaded with wet spaghetti noodles)

Join us 10 est and we can guarantee the following

Justin will…

- Be a center for calm
- Quote rules when he knows them and know them well
- Take the bad with the good and live in the now
- Play his character to the T despite his out of character knowledge
- Use his strengths without breaking the game
- Enjoy himself even when forced to take a backseat when Joseph’s PC is “doing his thing again…”.
(This is the kind of guy you want in all your games)

Joseph will…

- Be involved in everything whether or not you want him there
- Will quote rules even when he doesn’t know them well
- Be involved in every encounter from Roleplay to Combat
- Bore you with his min/maxing and think he is entertaining
- Tell you what your character would/should/could do without your invitation
- All in all he will be the token Munchkin
(At least he makes an excellent secretary.)

Steven will…

- Attempt things outside his characters ability not knowing there are feats/rules governing those situations
- Get frustrated when he is unable to perform 3 standard actions in a turn
- Spend all his daily resources in 2 rounds to duplicate a level 1 spell
- Eventually accept the bad situations and return to being a fun loving nice guy
(We all are watching our young caterpillar hatch into a deadly butterfly.)

Robert will…

- Clearly work at being an better DM
- He will accept and learn from his past mistakes
- No longer squish the party but instead challenge them with level appropriate combat (usually)
- Accept rules as he learns them and not create on-the-fly decrees as it suits him
- Come prepared every week with interesting and fun encounters/characters
- No longer turn into DM-zilla when his carefully laid plans are ruined by the unorthodox party methods
(Just be careful when he is 5 whiskeys in – Mr. Hyde comes out to play)

More than 1 player will…

- Show up for a single session or
- Work very hard to get into the group and not show up at all
(But hey, everyone enjoys a cameo appearance)

You will…

- Have fun!
- Participate in the delightful inebriation
- Feel much cooler by being around us =-)
(And you might just make the Quote Wall)

The adult beverages are not required, but certainly appreciated… unless of course your so drunk you completely forget the party’s meticulously laid plan and liquefy the local village mage with a barrage of unprovoked sneak attacks.

Light & Dark

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