The Slippery Maiden makes its first Berth at the docks of Hamshanks. Zyi notices a dockworker take a single look at him and run off into town. Suspecting shenanigans he Hides behind a barrel of Pickles. That’s when Zarious and SEDRIC (!!!) show up and speak with Lister and Randal. They are looking for Gruul, Zyi, and Arlyn to question about Sedric’s Murder. After interrogating them they head towards the boat to go find Captain Prince Steve (Known as Captain Mike).

Zyi’s approaches them as if everything is the status quo. He tells Sedric he missed him at the execution. Zarious immediately begins interrogating Zyi as to what he knows. Leaving out parts of the truth Zyi tells them that Arlyn surprised both Zyi and Grull by knocking out Sedric, the partying dragged Sedric back inside and layed him down, and they left (All True). He then says the Arlyn said she believed Sedric was apart of some “Lichborn” group of evil people, we “convinced” her otherwise, and she left that night to go back and “apologize” (Lies).

Zyi also mentions that Arlyn dies and that Randal has her finger (Giving his real name and not his “cover” name). We head to the apothecary and and meet up with the rest of the group. Randal is “strongly encouraged” to hand over the finger and to follow them to the constables. Lister tries to invite himself and Zyi encourages his envelopment but Zarious insists he goes on his merry way.

There the group meets with the Mayor and we begin discussing things. Zyi repeats his story once again (being sure to not lie but rather leave out details when he can). Hope the cleric arrives and then the climax of tonight’s events… Arlyn is resurrected from her finger!!!

Arlyn, clearly still confused from her transformation back to life, begins to ramble through a series of stories. Zyi attempts to lead her but Zarious silences him… twice. Then has his Coral Golem grapple him. Arlyn confesses to murdering Sedric. She defends herself calling it an attempt to save the life of Gruul and Zyi from the Kelpie. “Dead or Alive” people… “Dead or Alive”. Xorn tries to talk her through the conversation, but she starts to spill the beans on Xorn’s existence (Who becomes very upset). She then starts to explain the existence of the training monasteries, and Randal gets close to “shutting her up”. But she vanishes a split second before he does, and they both attempt to run.

Zarious, Prepared, casts See Invisibility. He sends his golem after Arlyn (who drops Zyi) and he casts Dominate Monster on Randal. Zyi uses the distraction to summon a Flying Astral Construct and sends it outside the complex to bury Xorn to protect his “pet hammer”. Zyi then rushes back inside to play innocent.

Elsewhere in the world, poor Lister sits at a tavern with two beautiful ladies in his lap. Almost the entire session… Poor guy. Never split the party!

After the eventual combat Fry shows up. The mayor continues trying to learn about the Lichborn and the party learns about a council he wants to get back together consisting of different lycanthrope tribes. When all is said and done Arlyn is taken to the dungeon, where she escapes her bonding and wears them as a trophy.

After leaving the constables Zyi purchases some gear from Sedric’s, and then lends him Bloodfang to study. He then heads to the ship and delivers a message from the Mayor, that all is forgiven and that the council should be reconvened. Captain Prince Steve seems to prefer expediting his departure time.

Later Lister and Zyi are enjoying a beverage in a tavern talking about what happened when Arlyn shows up with Fry. The Mayor has asked us to escort Fry into the woods and find the Lycan Tribes in order to reconvene the council (The Boar tribe, Badger tribe, Eagle tribe, Cat tribe). We agree for a “nonminal” fee.

Afterwards Zyi visits the Opera House with his friends and is invited to try out. After a wonderful performance Lister also decides to try out. He is also accepted into the Opera House. They return to their rooms and rest for the day.


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