We are paid for our services, and the Mayor mentions children who have been going missing. Of course we take it upon ourselves to find out whats going on. Zyi digs around and learns the name of one of several families. All of them are wealthy it seems. He pays one a visit pretending to be a paladin but they are not happy to talk about their missing child and turn us away upset. Arylen lied saying they were sent by the Mayor but they bring this up with him and it makes him angry.

Before the Mayor confronts the party however they discover a new merchant in the square who arrived at the same time the children began to disappear. She sells dolls. Scanning them we discover a few are magical. Purchasing one magical doll we return to the Mayor’s. He is angry of course but that subsides when we inform him of our lead. He gives us the name of his local wizard to find more information. On the way to the wizard’s home the doll animates and attempts to escape. We tie her up and head to the wizard who claims they are Soul Dolls.

With the wizard we head back to the market and Grull tracks down the witch into the woods. There we sneak up and disable her cart and attack. They were ready however and the fight rages. A strange flying beast with many legs and vulture wings takes off with a sack containing unknown items. We destroy the witch and most of the dolls but Grull wants to spare one even though we learn it is evil and most likely the child’s soul is lost forever. We discover several children chained inside the wagon and we take them back to town, while Grull escorts the Evil Doll close behind.

The Mayor and a single family reward us for our trouble, and then we find out the Goblins have arrived. Zyi purchases several young hippogrifs and begins training them for mounts. Not 2 days into the training of our Hippogrifs however a messenger lets us know the goblins have stopped working and have a problem.


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