The party wakes and prepares for the day! Tomorrow they set Sail. Heading back down into the sewers the party meets Captain Mike’s first mate Charles. Asking about the snails they discover that the are “Flail Snails” and their shells are worth a pretty penny. He also mentions a “back entrance” to the area of the Flail Snails. But Charles refuses to say more till he speaks to Captain Mike. Leaving the sewers the party “Lets Slip” they know more about the snails to the goblins.

The group decides to go see Captain Mike direct on his ship. On the way to “The Old Nag” Zyi decides to try and recruit one more body for the voyage. An Old Hooker would be perfect… Keep the men distracted while “nefarious” things happen around them, give one more body between them and the hungry Rat People, and would be someone no one would miss. Unfortunately who volunteers is a 13 year old spirited young girl. Arlyn Objects, and Zyi tells her that she can’t come aboard “The Old Nag”, which leaves tomorrow, from the 5th dock, at sunrise. Zyi, your becoming a bad bad man!

Aboard “The Old Nag” Grull and Arlyn go through a series of challenges to determine if they would make good crew members. Grull is exceptionally impressive with his ability to climb. Arlyn, while performing well, is noted mostly for being nice to look at. Captain Mike and Zyi negotiate for the secret of the back entrance for the Snails. Instead, Steve agree’s to help double cross the Goblins and steal off with the shells, splitting the profit 50/50.

Returning to the sewers the party is confronted by the Foreman. He demands to know what they know about the snails. Zyi spills he knows all, and agrees to kill the snails for the goblins in exchange for a 50/50 cut. The foreman agrees and they head down and attack the Snails. The two adult snails go down without much of a problem, but the smaller snails prove to be more difficult. Arlyn nearly dies (in fact does die and is healed after only a few missing heartbeats returning to life). Zyi wants them captured alive and Arlyn feels everything would have been fine had they just killed them. The party manages to knockout the Daddy snail and the one baby snail. The second baby escapes, and Grull and Zyi take chase. Aryln stays behind, and upset, coup de gras the Daddy Snail. The party, however, was unaware it was unconscious and not dead so they are none the wiser.

Leaving the area (Dragging Grulll who falls unconscious after his rage ends) Zyi returns to the First Mate and lets him know the job is done.

The party retires for the evening… tomorrow is a going to be a long day!


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