No sign of “Samantha” when the party returns to the docks. “The Old Nag” sets sail, and Zyi notices 2 cabin boys, one being Samantha. He takes her on a “ride” and dumps her back at the dock. Yay! One good thing and 73 Bad. Its a start right?

Unfortunatley Arylinn is now the only female aboard a ship full of sailors, after several of the men cop a fell, she snaps and slices off a finger of one who was obviously trying too do so…as warning too the rest, that the next thing removed will really be missed.

3 days into the voyage a strange wasp approaches the ship. The party fires an arrow off at it, and it flies off in the direction of some smoke in the horizon. The boat takes a detour to investigate. There they find wreckage of a ship and a body floating in the water. Grull jumps in to save him, but is attacked by Turtle-Sharks. The first is quickly stunned and dies before it gets to have a second action, but the second sneaks up and swallows Grull. We kill the Turtle-Shark and barely pull Grull out of its belly. He is very nearly dead.

On board we discover we have a new friend, a ranger named Fry. The wasp was his companion. We help heal Grull a little and get some rest

That night the Kelpie visits. We attempt to convince the Ranger to join us for a swim – pissed off Arlyn goes back to bed. The Kelpie attempts to charm the ranger but fails. She is very hungry and needs “new friends”.

The following morning Zyi takes the Cabin Boy on a little ride to shore on one of the Hippogryphs. There he has him splash in the water a bit, and the Kelpie swims up and touches him. Miraculously, boy wonder owns both will saves. Freaked out he wants to leave. Headed back to the boat Zyi and the Boy are attacked by a flying thing. Zyi zaps it with an Energy Stun, and it falls to its death. The Kelpie approaches… It’s not a delicious man, but it will serve!


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